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Management Systems and Certifications

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Management in Control and Security

“Security in the logistics chain”

Management System in Control and Security

Its purpose is to establish and develop preventive actions in order to prevent illicit acts related to the Company’s commercial activities that may affect its employees, products, name, and image. Among the main acts to be prevented are smuggling, drug trafficking, and terrorism.


Management Policy in Control and Security

“At Ingenio Providencia S.A., we recognize the importance of the supply chain for the development of manufacturing and sales activities of sugars, syrups, and alcohols, therefore, we are committed to:

  • Maintaining the integrity of our processes.
  • Managing risks and implementing controls aimed at preventing illicit activities, such as corruption, bribery, and money laundering.
  • Promoting security in the use of information technologies.
  • Complying with legal and regulatory requirements.

(October 4, 2023)


Certification of the Management System

According to BASC standards and norms version 5:2017 for the exporter activity.


Quality and Safety

“We guarantee products of high quality and safety.”


Quality System

It is the first Management System implemented in the Company and due to its characteristics, it has become the basis for the management assurance scheme, promoting: Documentation, internal audits, taking actions, and a process-oriented approach.


Initially, the scope of the System only comprised quality aspects and therefore, its exclusive purpose was to guarantee customer satisfaction and, as far as possible, exceed their expectations. However, in 2014, this purpose was expanded by integrating the aspect of safety for processes related to the production of food products.


Quality and Safety Policy

At Ingenio Providencia S.A., we produce safe food products as well as energy and sucrochemical solutions, with high-quality standards that allow us to gain the trust of our customers and consumers. For this purpose, we are committed to:

  • Meeting the appropriate needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders.
  • Complying with legal, regulatory, and customer requirements.
  • Ensuring the competencies of our employees.
  • Ensuring effective external and internal communication.
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of the Management Systems adopted for this purpose.

(February 20, 2020)


Management System Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 

IQNET 9001:2015

Awarded by Icontec for the activities of: Manufacturing and sale of granulated sugars, cane syrups, and denatured anhydrous fuel ethanol.


FSSC 22000:2015 

Awarded by SGS for the activities of: Production of granulated sugars: white, raw, and organic.


Quality Seals awarded by Icontec


“We take care of and preserve the environment.”


Our System

The Environmental Management System is based on:

  • Reduction of impacts
  • Decrease in environmental risks
  • Efficient use of natural resources
  • Strengthening environmental management

Additionally, it is a participant in the agreement for clean production in the sugar sector, aimed at coordinating actions for pollution control and the adoption of sustainable production methods.


Environmental Policy

At Ingenio Providencia, we recognize the need to develop and promote sustainable environmental practices, based on raising awareness among employees and engaging stakeholders, especially customers, consumers, suppliers, and the community. To achieve this, we commit to:

  • Protecting the environment, based on pollution prevention and efficient resource use
  • Compliance with legal requirements, regional and guild agreements, and other voluntary requirements
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of the Management System, thereby contributing to the improvement of the Company’s environmental performance.

(September 15, 2017)


Management System Certification

ISO 14001:2015

IQNET 14001:2015


Awarded by Icontec for the activities of: Cultivation and harvesting of sugarcane; manufacturing and sale of granulated sugars, cane syrups, and denatured anhydrous fuel ethanol; energy generation.

Occupational Health and Safety

“We are committed to your safety.”


Occupational Health and Safety System

Its main objective is to ensure the safety and health of individuals associated with the Company and all those who may be affected by its activities, based on controlling the risks they are exposed to.


Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Ingenio Providencia S.A. is committed to designing and implementing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System for the protection of all workers regardless of their affiliation, including contractors, subcontractors, and visitors. To achieve this, it will establish the following objectives:

  • Identify agricultural, manufacturing, and transportation hazards, assess them, and establish controls.
  • Comply with legal requirements, especially Decree 417 of health emergency and others subscribed.
  • Develop health promotion activities, healthy lifestyle, and work.
  • Prevent workplace harassment and foster a conducive work environment.
  • Prevent injuries, illnesses, and potential COVID-19 contagions.
  • Protect the safety and health of all workers through continuous improvement in Occupational Health and Safety management and performance.


Our Policy reflects that the commitment of Senior Management will be mandatory for stakeholders and is reviewed annually to ensure its compliance and relevance, and it will be communicated to all stakeholders, including the COPASST.

Management and supervisory personnel are responsible for contributing to the achievement of System objectives and strengthening the safety culture in their processes, maintaining a safe working environment. All workers are responsible for demonstrating safe behaviors and reporting potential risks.

(March 2021)

Laboratory Competence

“We provide reliable results.”

Accreditation of the Laboratory Competence Management System

The Physicochemical Laboratory of the Alcohol Plant at Ingenio Providencia holds ONAC accreditation, valid to date, with accreditation code 15-LAB-003, under ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. Check here the current scopeISO/IEC 17025:2017


The accreditation aims to:

  • Improve the competence of personnel performing laboratory activities and influencing test results.
  • Minimize and/or eliminate risks identified to the impartiality of laboratory activities continuously.
  • Improve the Management System, laboratory activities, and customer service through customer feedback.


Accreditation Policies

Policy on Independence, Impartiality, Integrity, and Confidentiality

The Physicochemical Laboratory of the Alcohol Plant at Providencia Dulzura Sostenible expresses its commitment and legal responsibility to the management and execution of its activities, structured in a way that safeguards independence, impartiality, integrity, and ensures the protection of confidential information provided by its clients or generated during test execution. To make this commitment effective and achieve customer credibility and satisfaction, compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard, regulatory authorities, and organizations that grant recognition, the laboratory declares that:


  • It does not allow commercial, financial, or other pressures to compromise impartiality in test execution and reports issued by its technical personnel.
  • It continuously identifies risks to impartiality arising from laboratory activities, its relationships with other Providencia dependencies, its clients, suppliers, or personnel.
  • It establishes necessary actions to minimize or eliminate risks to impartiality.
  • It maintains the confidentiality of all information obtained or created during the conduct of laboratory activities, except as required by law or authorized by contractual provisions.
  • It communicates to customers in advance about the information that the laboratory intends to make available to the public unless prohibited by law. This does not apply if the customer has already made this information available to the public or if it had been agreed with the Laboratory.
  • It does not disclose, publish, or divulge information about the client obtained from external sources such as complaints or regulatory bodies and maintains the confidentiality of the source unless authorized to share it with the client.
  • It establishes necessary actions to maintain the integrity of the Management System when planning and implementing changes to it.

(September 2021)


Policy on Consistent Operation

The Physicochemical Laboratory of the Alcohol Plant at Providencia Dulzura Sostenible prioritizes its commitment to the consistent operation of its activities and therefore declares that:

  • It reviews requests, offers, and contracts to ensure that customer requirements are adequately defined, documented, and understood, and studies that the Laboratory has the capacity and resources to meet them. It uses the appropriate test method and ensures it can meet customer requirements.
  • It ensures that externally supplied products and services affecting its activities are suitable and used only when intended for incorporation into the Laboratory’s own activities and meet acceptance criteria.
  • It addresses customer complaints or claims, conducting the necessary investigations, implementing the relevant corrective actions to provide an effective solution, identifies and minimizes associated risks, and informs the customer about the complaint process.
  • It implements immediate actions when any aspect of work involving tests or results does not comply with its own procedures or agreed requirements with the customer.
  • It implements appropriate corrective actions when nonconformities are identified.

(September 2021)


Quality Policy

The Physicochemical Laboratory of the Alcohol Plant at Providencia, offers testing services to evaluate the quality of Denatured Anhydrous Fuel Ethanol and carries out its activities in compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2017, regulatory authorities such as the Ministries of Environment and Sustainable Development and Mines and Energy (Resolution 789 of May 24, 2016, and Resolution 126 of 2017), and organizations that grant recognition, always seeking the effectiveness of the Management System and providing internal and external customers with a service with a high level of competence, carried out with good professional practices and quality in all its procedures, under a scheme of continuous improvement.

The Laboratory aims to meet the needs of customers, preserving impartiality, confidentiality, and operational integrity of the tests, taking actions to address risks and opportunities to achieve objectives and ensure the validity of test results. All personnel involved in testing activities are required to keep the Quality System and associated documentation updated; they are also familiar with it, applying established policies and procedures.

(September 2021)


Competence Policy

The Physicochemical Laboratory of the Alcohol Plant at Providencia ensures that personnel have the competence to perform Laboratory activities for which they are responsible and work according to the Laboratory’s Management System; therefore, the Laboratory, as part of Ingenio Providencia, promotes the professional and personal development of its workers based on training, coaching, motivation, and well-being activities, maintaining clear and precise communication across all levels with the aim of achieving high performance levels within a learning and participatory environment, with controlled risks ensuring the health and physical integrity of personnel. Additionally, the Laboratory Management has established and documented competence requirements for its technical personnel, including education, qualification, training, technical knowledge, skills, and experience; and communicates to personnel their tasks, responsibilities, and authority.

(September 2021)


According to Resolution No. 126 of September 11, 2017, from the Energy and Gas Regulation Commission of the Ministry of Mines and Energy. The results of quality parameter tests for Denatured Anhydrous Fuel Ethanol are reported: Results


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Other Certifications


Ensures that the certified product has been generated under organic and sustainable production schemes, complying with the Organic Production Standard corresponding to the destination market of said product. In our case, we have certification for the domestic market granted by Biotropico and certifications applicable to the markets of: United States, European Union, Japan, Korea, Canada, and Sweden, granted by Control Union.



Ensures that food products comply with and are produced according to Jewish dietary laws. Certification granted by Orthodox Union (OU).