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Cane Suppliers

To provide our Cane Suppliers the best service with the highest quality and the best technology is the main purpose of the Cane Supply Direction.


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We handle the negotiation for linking new lands and renewal of contracts, we elaborate cane supply liquidations, provide financial information and we have excellent financing options. We also have a technical support department with highly qualified staff, accompanying them throughout the development of the crop, with a broad portfolio of services, responding to their requirements and needs.


Our services
We provide our sugar cane suppliers with the support in the areas of Field, Harvest, Factory and Cane Supply, timely attention to their requests and the solution to all their crop needs with advanced technology and the best service.

Accounting assistance

Cane liquidations, loans management, preparation of certificates, financial and tax information.

Lands linking

Reception of documents for the preparation of contracts, general guidance and legal advice.

Technical assistance

Adaptation and preparation of soils
We provide full support for the design, adaptation and preparation of their fields. We have the best technology and a team committed to the supplier to achieve the highest quality standards.
Irrigation and drainage
We are leaders in the sugar sector with management programs in water resources of cane suppliers. We are committed to improve the irrigation system on farms maximizing the productivity and profitability of the crops.

We have experienced personnel to design irrigation and drainage of their farms, considering all the options offered by the market today and according to the specific conditions.

Ingenio Providencia is extensively committed to caring for the environment, so as we have for 40 years a department of entomology has has extensively trained staff and is a leader in the sector in handling biological control in sugar cane. We developed a comprehensive program for pest management in the crop for own lands and suppliers.

Composting plant
In the composting plant of Ingenio Providencia S.A., we carry out a transformation process of biodegradable organic waste generated from the production of sugar, alcohol and energy, generating a product called compost which is very important for the improvement and conditioning of the soils.

We contribute to the improvement of the soil and crop of the cane suppliers lands in permitted areas, with controlled applications of compost and vinasse.

We have a highly qualified staff, implements and machinery of latest technology and quality controls that make us today one of the best harvests of the sugar industry.

We maximize the productivity and profitability of the crop with controlled applications of maturer products that permit to obtain the highest concentration of sucrose.
Precision agriculture
Ingenio Providencia is convinced that precision farming is the future of the field, therefore, we are working with effort and dedication to share our progresses with the sugar cane suppliers helping to maximize their crop productivity.

Quality of field and harvest labors
We created a quality department for the improvement of the works done in the field and harvest oriented through crop indicators that allow implement improvement actions that favor the crop productivity.

Soil and water laboratory
We have one of the best laboratories in the industry for physico-chemical analysis of soils with precision agriculture, analysis of water quality and leaf tissue, freatic studies in soils with drainage problems and surface water levels, as well as the technical support required by the supplier.

Education program
Ingenio Providencia is sure about the importance of education for the personal and professional growth of its employees, and as a key tool to improve the field, therefore, we developed a program for the academic training for the stewarts of the sugar cane suppliers from the basic and secondary level to technician; this is supported by our Providencia Integral Training Center.

Technical assistance
We are leaders in technical assistance to cane suppliers in the sugar sector, we have qualified staff to provide the best advice to their crops from planting to harvesting.

Support lines- Customer Service


Cane Supply Ingenio Providencia S.A.

Phone: (57) (2) 418 3554



Technical Assistants for Cane Suppliers:

Phone: 418 3500 Ext.: 23553