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Quality and Safety

“We guarantee products of high quality and safety”

In Ingenio Providencia, we develop safe and high quality products with high quality standards as well as energy and sucro-chemical solutions that meet the needs and expectations of our customers and consumers, for which we are committed to:

  • Meet legal, regulatory and customer requirements.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the Management Systems adopted for this purpose.

Environmental Management

“We care and preserve the environment”

Ingenio Providencia S.A., with the aim of preserving the environment, will perform its activities seeking balance to address its economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

Our production processes will meet the environmental standards of the Colombian legislation, regional or union agreements that may arise and other voluntary requirements, by involving the community in our environmental management process.

Our prevention and continuous improvement programs will always seek to rationalize the use of natural resources, in order to optimize our environmental performance.

We will work to be leaders in the sugar industry, manufacturing our products under the best quality and eco-efficiency model.

Security and Health at Work

“We are committed to your safety”

In Ingenio Providencia S.A. we are committed to implement the Workplace Health and Safety System and manage risks, maintain the health of people related to the Company and of those that may be directly or indirectly affected by its activities, through continuous improvement of the management system, comply with existing national standards, we identify hazards, and we value and control them, we establish and execute programs on safety and health at work, create a permanent culture of risk prevention and develop preventive skills in our employees.

Control and Security Management

Ingenio Providencia S.A., through its System Management of Control and Security ensures stakeholders control of the supply chain and seeks to prevent illegal actions, based on comprehensive risk management, compliance with regulations and commitment to continuous improvement.

Competency of Laboratories

“We provide reliable results”

The Physico-Chemical laboratory of the Alcohol Plant of Ingenio Providencia S.A. provides testing services to assess the quality of anhydrous ethanol fuel and denatured anhydrous ethanol fuel, according to the requirements of resolution 1565 of 2004 of the Ministry of Environment, Housing and Territorial Development and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, commiting to comply with NTC ISO/IEC 17025: 2005, always ensuring the effectiveness of the management system and providing its internal and external customers a service with a high level of competence, carried out with good professional practices and quality in all its proceedings, under a continuous improvement scheme.

The Laboratory aims to meet the customers’ needs, while preserving the impartiality, confidentiality and operational integrity of the tests, in order to provide reliable results. All personnel concerned with testing activities have the requirement to keep updated their quality system and associated documentation, and also should be familiar with it, applying established policies and procedures.

Human Resources Policy Incauca and Providencia


To establish the principles governing the activities of human resources management, addressed to establish an excellent organizational climate.


  • “We seek to attract and select high performance staff. To that end, the selection process ensures the technical and behavioral skills of the candidates.
  • We promote the vacancies covering mainly by promoting suitable workers, selected in the first instance from within the Company.
  • “We seek to develop a high performance culture that encourages confidence among its employees and to the Company, with teamwork and continuous improvement. We allocate resources to the development and promotion of these behaviors through proper training.
  • We foster a good working environment that provides quality of working life and with strict respect for workers human rights.
  • We act with care and adherence to existing labor legislation and considering the Declaration of Human Rights regarding the relationship with our employees, and we monitor its compliance in relation to our own workers and those from contractors companies.
  • We promote fluid communication with the Union, considering it a committed partner with the Company.
  • We do not accept anti-union activities.
  • We fight the worst forms of child labor
  • We have no forced labor, we do no consent to this practice
  • We do not prevent, restrict or obstruct the full exercise of the people rights because of their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political ideas, philosophy, gender or sexual orientation.
  • We work with neighboring communities for a relationship of mutual collaboration.

Ethics and Transparency Policy

Ingenio Providencia S.A. is committed to perform its duties responsibly and in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. Understanding anti-bribery laws and following the Code of Ethics principles of the Agroindustrial Sector of the Ardila Lülle Organization and this policy of ethics and transparency, is essential to safeguard our reputation of honesty and integrity and our long-term financial well-being. Complying with our policies and procedures is not optional and not doing so can bring as result severe consequences for the Sector and the workers resulting involved.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics states that in Ingenio Providencia S.A. we do not allow the offer, payment, soliciting or accepting directly or indirectly any improper payments as bribes or illegal gratuities.

To whom does the Code and the Policy apply?

The Code of Ethics applies to all companies that make up the Agricultural Sector of the Ardila Lülle Organization.

The Policy applies to managers and other employees of Companies in the Sector, including contractors personnel. Managers and workers should ensure not to be involved in any way in the payment or receipt of bribes or kickbacks, whether in the public or private sector.

Control of Alcohol and Drugs Policy

  • Ingenio Providencia S.A., understands that misuse, abuse and addiction to alcohol and other drugs is a disease, a treatable medical and social condition.
  • Consumption, distribution or sale of illegal drugs or alcohol in the Company is prohibited.
  • Cigarette use is prohibited within the Company and in all places related or connected to it.
  • The use of psycho-pharmaceuticals prescribed by health care provider should be directly related to safety and responsibility of the assigned task.
  • The Policy of Ingenio Providencia S.A. on alcoholism and drug addiction establishes its bases maintaining confidentiality with the Health and Safety at Work System and respecting the Working Regulations of the Company.
  • The Company shall regulate the manner, timing and circumstances in which toxicological tests to subjects of the policy will be conducted.
  • We will do drug tests for selected candidates to enter the Company. All workers are subject to testing when it is apparent that they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol during work, randomly, or when we have some other reason to believe that the employee is violating the policy. Drug testing will also be undertaken according to the needs and indications of the directorate of Security and Safety at Work.
  • It will also be the Human Resources Management the one that carries out prevention programs to teach workers the dangers of abuse and addiction to any substance or behavior and on how to confront this challenge to our productivity, safety and health.

Ingenio Providencia S.A. will offer support and guidance to those who may be affected by the problem of alcohol or psychoactive substances.