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Prevention of Psycho Active Substances and Alcohol Consumption

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Mainstreaming program - CFIP and Fundar Colombia

As part of the Social Responsibility work carried out by Ingenio Providencia, it has been developing along with Fundar Colombia, a program of prevention and treatment of psychoactive substance use and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The program benefits children, teenagers and teachers of the Providencia Integral Training Center some of the activities are workshops, recreational activities and training that allow not only prevent but also identify particular instances of this problem and provide them timely psychosocial care.

The focus is concentrated on the prevention of psychoactive substances use, prevention of early pregnancy and risky behaviors. This program sensitized students from grades five to eleven, parents and teachers. We conduct workshops with students on issues of recognition and body care and consequences of using alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and synthetic drugs. Likewise, we conduct workshops with teachers where the main issue is the prevention and treatment of the bullying cases.

During 2015, the emphasis was again in the prevention and treatment of psychoactive substance use and self-care through delivery and explanation of the “I Am” playful game, benefiting 550 children and teenagers in grades three to eleven. We also made workshop with parents and teachers on how to address young people with the tools acquired in workshops and trainings.