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Providencia Integral Training Center

Our biggest social work

In 1961 Ingenio Providencia S.A., in order to solve one of the most sensitive problems of workers, as it was the education of their children, it launched the largest social work available to the Sugar Sector: Providenica Integral Training Center.

For the development of this project, The Cane Factory allocated eight hectares. In 1987, the first class of industrial and commercial bachelor with 30 students was graduated.

The corporate objective of the Providencia Integral Training Center, is to fully train students, creating proper conditions to make them citizens with responsible and high ethical values and committed to change.

The Providencia Intengral Training Center hosts each year on average 4,000 people in: Elementary and high school education, Job Training and Human Development, Technological Education UAOTEC, Early Childhood DCIP, Courses and Conventions of Academic Extension.

24% of the students are children of direct employees, contractors, relatives and retirees of Ingenio Providencia and 76% are residents of the community’s area of influence.

Since 2015, it has the quality certification ISO 9001-2008, NTC 5555-2011 and 5581-2011. Before the ICFES, the School holds a higher academic level, and it has kept it for several years.

Aware of the serious social problem of drugs and being consistent with one of the social responsibility pillars, the Center has the support of an institution to guide young people to prevent them consuming any drugs or alcoholism and prostitution problems.

The Center is self-sustaining through various productive and academic services areas. As the Industrial Garments Division, which is certified under ISO 9001-2008, it ships to domestic customers with the brand Protejer. There are also the divisions of Industrial Workshop and Supersacks, these provide work to more than 180 people in the region, many of them women heads of household.

THE CFIP has had significant recognitions for its work: In 2015, Comfenalco awarded the first place on medium enterprise category for “Best Practices or projects with influence neighboring communities.” Also, the multinational Ingredion, granted a certification in the category Allied of Merit and the recognition in the category Allied with greater Investment and Growth.

Education, together with the support to sports and the programs addressed to reduce the consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, make the Ingenio Providencia S.A. a socially responsible company.

Educating for the future

Through this program, since 2011 the Company has reached 30 schools and 2,000 elementary school and high school students from schools in the neighboring community, with support workshops and training that contribute to education and awareness about the environment.

The program is developed through workshops that are taught at primary and secondary school students, these consist of didactic lectures accompanied by videos and examples to facilitate learning the issues.