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Soccer school

Ingenio Providencia is committed to the social development of the municipalities in its area of influence and in order to continue supporting the children and young people, in July 2013 began a soccer school with two locations, one in El Cerrito and another in Santa Elena. In 2015 opened the door to women´s soccer.

The program has an age range of 5 to 15 years, benefiting 90 boys and 10 girls in El Cerrito and 80 boys and 20 girls in Santa Elena.

The program development consists of weekly training sessions, recreational activities and sports, cycle rides, tournaments with Air Force and other schools in the municipality, workshops and training on the prevention of psycoactive substances consumption and promotion of a helthy lifestyle.

This recreational and educational space contributes in generating habits for the proper use of leisure time, and also allows that this sport is taken as an advantage to avoid the consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances, making these young people in humans who bring to healthy living in their personal, family and social environment.