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Providencia Azúcar Orgánica

Providencia Azúcar Orgánica

Organic products are minimally processed and contain no artificial ingredients or preservatives. These are high quality foods since are grown in healthy soil.
In the Ingenio Providencia S.A. we have a commitment to maintain and restore soil fertility and the cultivation and consumption of organic foods is a good way to protect future generations, prevent soil erosion and maintain water quality. Organic farming works in harmony with nature and protects consumers against unnecessary health risks.


The union of the above processes related to organic sugarcane cultivation, the harvesting and the manufacturing allow obtaining PROVIDENCIA ORGANIC SUGAR of high quality, healthy and with the highest levels of acceptance in the international and domestic market.


Because Providencia Organic Sugar is NATURAL IN FULL!


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Product Presentation



Azúcar Orgánica Providencia

454 g bag
850 g bag
Bag with 200 tubipak bag of 5g