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  • 1926

    Ingenio Providencia was founded by Don Modesto Cabal Galindo in April of 1926.

  • 1928

    During 1928 the factory produced 10,875 quintals of sugar, which drew an excellent scenario for the coming years.


  • 1960

    In 1960, an expansion began in the factory, in order to obtain a processing capacity of 2,500 tons of cane per day. In 1964, the milling capacity was increased to 4,000 tons per day.


  • 1980

    In 1980, 5,600 tons per day were processed.


  • 1991

    In 1991, The Company became part of the Ardila Lülle Organization, incorporating technological breakthroughs and various changes in its organizational structure.

  • 1995

    During 1995, the factory had an average milling of 8,300 tons of cane per day.

  • 1999

    On September 1st and 2nd of 1999, the Company made the first commercial test of Organic Sugar, milling 6,109 tons of certified organic cane, through which 7,662 quintals were produced, becoming the first and only Sugar Factory in Colombia to produce organic sugar.


  • 2005

    In 2005, it decided to bring to the improvement of air quality and put into operation the second largest and most modern plant of fuel alcohol in the country, with an installed capacity of 250,000 liters per day.


  • 2009

    In 2009, continuing its ongoing interest in environmental conservation, it began operating the power cogeneration plant, with capacity to produce 38 MW per day, from renewable sources, such as the bagasse from sugar cane.


  • 2011

    In 2011 the fuel alcohol plant is expanded, reaching a production capacity of 300,000 liters of alcohol per day.


  • 2014

    Our annual production records:


    • Supply and milling of cane:  3,126,854 tons


    • Alcohol production from molasses: 98,093,789 liters


    • Sugar production plus sugar diverted to alcohol: 7,145,619 quintals


    • Power Generation: 270,134,987 Kw-h
  • 2015

    Our annual production records:


    • Supply and milling of cane: 3,175,539 tons


    • Alcohol production from molasses: 100,052,461 liters


    • Sugar production plus sugar diverted to alcohol: 7,323,761 quintals


    • Power Generation: 273,681,546 Kw-h